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A simple and effective way to perform vehicle check in and outs for any automotive industry.

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What Is It?

We take the standard paper check in sheet and turn it into a tool that can do so much more than simply house check marks and scribbles.

Any automotive industry can benefit from Vehicle CheckIn. Anytime a business takes a customers vehicle to perform work on, the business is risking that customer blaming the business for damage that may have happened while in the businesses possession.

With Vehicle CheckIn you can document many aspects of the vehicles condition before you start to work on it.

Customer Tracking

You'll be able to track all of your customers by name and VIN. As customers become repeats, you can see the progression of vehicle health by reviewing the CheckIn.

#1 Thing your paper sheet can't do: Photos

As you check in and out the vehicle you can upload up to 10 photos for check in AND check out. This will eliminate the "You scratched my fender" conversations with customers. You'll have photo proof that it was there before work was started.
Photos are stored for 60 days before being deleted from the server.

Additional Features

  • Geared specifically for mobile devices
  • VIN decoder Powered By NHTSA
  • VIN decoding during CheckIn to autofill make/model/year fields
  • One Login for the entire shop
  • Assign an Employee to the CheckIn
  • Select the form fields you want to use for the CheckIn (eg Locks, Keyless, Heated Seats, etc.)
  • Start a new CheckIn from an existing CheckIn to autofill customer and vehicle details
  • Add notes for interior, exterior, engine codes and general condition
  • Customer Signatures can be taken for CheckIn/Out
  • Once saved the CheckIn / Out can not be edited to ensure the customer that no modifications were made after they signed
  • Send a link to your customer so they can view their CheckIn/Out